Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Best Scrambled Eggs

Okay, I know. You know how to make scrambled eggs. (Unless you're my friend from college, who used to beg her roommates every Saturday to make eggs for her.) I thought I knew how to make scrambled eggs. In fact, I thought I did a pretty damn good job. Then I heard about "low and slow" scrambling, and my life has changed. I've tried a couple of different "low and slow" methods, but this one is definitely the winner. They turn out super fluffy and not the least bit dry. I made them for Jeff without telling him I was trying something new, and he totally freaked for them.

So what does "low and slow" mean? Well basically, you cook the eggs over super low heat for a long amount of time, instead of over higher heat for a short amount of time. Oh, you didn't need that explanation? My bad. 

(Also, no I don't eat cream cheese on my bagels. I know, I know, what a weirdo.) 

So what you're going to do is take two eggs. Or three, or four, you know, depending on your appetite. You're going to crack them into a bowl, add a splash of milk, and then mix them up with a whisk (or a fork if you don't have a whisk, or, ahem, are too lazy to find yours). 

Then take your favorite pan and give it a mist of olive oil if you're lucky enough to have an olive oil mister, or you know, a spray of some other non-stick spray would work. Then add the eggs to the pan while it's still cold, and then put it over low heat. If you're feeling crazy, add a glob or two of butter into the mix. 

So here's the key part of this particular "low and slow" method: stir continuously. Make sure you're scraping the bottom of the pan as you go so that everything cooks really evenly. The eggs should slowly get less opaque, and then start to cook. When they're bunching up and just starting to look done, turn off the heat (they'll continue to cook a little after you take them off the heat, and you definitely don't want to overdo it). At this point, I like to stir in a little bit of cheese. And then I dig in. 

And voila! The best scrambled eggs you'll ever make! 

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