Monday, January 18, 2016

This Weekend...

This weekend...

...I initially had NO plans and thought we'd be taking it easy. Ummmm, nope! Started the weekend off strong with a coworker hang Friday afternoon/night and then a little movie night with the boo.
...Bought a dining room table! After going into Walter E. Smithe last weekend, then having a home consult during the week, then going back twice this weekend we finally came to a decision. The inspo was this pic, and I'm not sure that this link will work but this is what we ended up custom designing.
...Went to a family dinner at my grandma's house. This is pretty typical for our family, but I was expecting to see maybe 8-10 people, and instead there were over 20. And my grandma set up a bar in her living room. So yeah, it was an interesting night :)
...Had to stop for emergency tacos. Twice. What are emergency tacos? When you need a taco, and it's an emergency ;)
...Had Jeff's parent's over to see the progress we've made on the place, and then braved the cold for brunch at Ampersand. Why aren't all breakfast foods covered in a slab of brisket??

I hope you had a good one!

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