Friday, February 12, 2016

Our Wedding: Details

It's all about the details when it comes to a wedding, amiright? Based on the approximately 1,000 things I pinned, I decided to bling it up with lots of gold, as well as play off of the whole zoo thing, because, well, tiny gold animals are adorable. The animal placecard holders were actually the first thing I decided on for our wedding (you know, besides the venue... and the groom...) and they turned out so freaking cute - a lot of people took them home, so I see these little guys all over the place ;) 

One of my favorite decisions we made was to have a bunch of little cakes. We had around 200 guests, so we ended up with one big cake for cutting and six little cakes to go on tables. We picked 5 different cake/frosting/filling combos (my favorite was chocolate + salted caramel - yum!) and the true cake afficianatos managed to try each one. Some of the cakes were decorated with flowers and our table numbers (from Better Off Wed - message me if you want these, I'd be happy to sell them!) and others were topped with little animals - I saw that our planner topped one with a whole herd of ostriches! 

These little guys were inspired by this tutorial, although the wire they suggested did NOT work for me and actually ended up causing a few minor injuries - instead I used this. These are the little animals I used. I also bought this bigger set for other display animals - I tried a couple of other brands but they didn't particularly enjoy being painted.

We also put out pictures of the two of us from the ages that matched the tables, which was super adorable until we both turned 11 or 12 - that awkward phase is for reals. One of our friends took a photo home with him, and I saw it proudly on display at a Superbowl party over the weekend - let's just say my middle school uniform was not cute. Nor were my giant round glasses ;) 

Photos by Cristina G

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