Monday, February 1, 2016

Playing Catchups

It was a weird and not too exciting weekend for me, so instead of talking about the weekend, let's talk about my trip to Florida!

A friend has a condo down in Naples, so we decided to have a little ladies trip/escape from winter. Winter then decided to get us back by planning a blizzard for the day we flew out - one girl had a layover in Nashville and came SUPER close to getting stuck there. I basically had my fingers crossed my entire flight, but we all made it!

Thanks to the blizzard it was super windy and cool most of the time we were there, but we still fit in lots of giggles, lots of wine in wine sippies, lots of seafood, and lots of running around taking ridiculous pictures on the beach. We also fit in day trips to Lover's Key for some hiking/screaming about bugs and snakes, and Keewaydin Island to pretend we're incredibly wealthy and roll around on the beach. Sorry for blowing up Insta and Snapchat ;)

Weird housekeeping note - I'm going to start scheduling my posts for 6am CST instead of 8am, so feel free to stop by bright and early every day!

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