Wednesday, September 12, 2018

And A Baby Makes Three!!

That's right, we're expecting!! Baby Barry is due at the end of February! We are so freaking excited, I've been dying to share the news with all of you!!

Could you tell? I feel like I can always guess when other bloggers are pregnant. I've been trying to throw you off the scent since we found out in June by posting pictures of me with Jeff's drinks, but I'm juuuuuuust starting to show so I can't really keep it a secret any more ;)

To answer some of your questions...

- The baby's due date is February 23rd, which yes, is two days before my birthday! Based on my interneting I think my due date is a little early though, so I'm guessing this baby won't show up until March. That makes me currently 16 weeks along!

- We don't know yet if we're having a girl or a boy, but we plan to find out at the 20 week ultrasound. It's coming up fast! We're thinking we'll ask the technician to write it down for us so that we can find out later together.

- I felt fine for most of the first trimester with the exception of getting tired really early, but started dealing with a lot of nausea and food aversions around week 11. I actually completely stopped eating meat for a few weeks there, I couldn't even look at it! But I'm mostly back to normal now and feeling good with the exception of motion sickness, which has gotten amazingly bad both in cars and on public transit. I've consequently been spending a lot of time in our neighborhood lately ;)

- I actually haven't gained any weight yet, but I was up a few pounds from all of our trips at the beginning of the summer so I'm attributing the lack of weight gain to that. My belly has definitely started to get bigger over the last week or two though - the bump is real!

- I haven't really had cravings, but I have been eating a lot more carbs - partially due to the nausea and couple weeks of vegetarian life!

- I was suspicious that I might be pregnant during one of my trips to San Francisco, and ended up making Jeff stop to buy a test on our drive into Napa on our anniversary trip. So all of those pictures of wine were Jeff's glasses!

After I stopped crying haha - do we look excited or what??

Like half an hour after we found out - cheers-ing Jeff with a big old glass of Sprite! 

Anyway, like I said we are so freaking excited!! For now I'm thinking this little space on the internets will stay the same (although probably with less frequent posts) but I'll probably start introducing some maternity / baby content in as we go along. Let me know what kinds of stuff you want to see!

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