Monday, September 17, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...went out for a casual dinner at O'Shaughessy's - I was craving their steak sandwich, it's the best!! Oh, and in case you were wondering whether or not I'm actually pregnant, I made Jeff stop and get me gelato on the way TO dinner hahaha. The baby demanded it!
...had box seats with a bunch of our friends to the Cubs game on Saturday, which was so fun!! I mean, you know I was mostly in it for the dessert cart (are you sensing a pattern here??) but it was great to see the Cubbies pull out a W too. to visit Jeff's little sister again - she's already so big!! But just the sweetest little thing to hold, we got some good snuggles in. Afterwards we went and grabbed sandwiches from Goddess and Grocer. If you somehow haven't heard, Jeff LOVES a good sandwich and researches the best sandwich places whenever we travel (I suggested he start his own Instagram hahaha, @jeffheartssandwiches ;) and he freaking loved this place and already looked up the closest location to his work.
...did a bit of aggressive online shopping - I'm most excited about these comfy slippers that can actually be worn outside! I also ordered a bunch of maternity stuff to try, plus this blouse was such a great deal I couldn't pass it up, and I also snagged this cardigan I wanted from the Nsale that's actually on a better sale now!

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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