Wednesday, September 25, 2019

That's So '90s

Sweater Tee - LOFT / Skirt (similar here and here) - BP / Booties (similar here and here) - Steve Madden / Bag (similar here and here) - Coach Factory / Barrette - Forever 21

'90s style has been back for a couple of years now, at least with the youths ;) But this summer is when I really saw it hit the average adult consumer and not just tweens wearing tattoo chokers and Kylie Jenner in slip dresses. The '90s are back, and so are mock necks and socks with your boots and ditsy florals.

None of these pieces are distinctly '90s in and of themselves. I mean, it's just a short sleeve sweater, a mini skirt, booties, and a barrette. But wearing them all together, I felt like I could be strutting my stuff through the mall with Cher and Dionne. Or, you know near them while they talk about how I'm a tragic wannabe ;)

This brown color was around last fall, but is everywhere this year. I 100% jumped on the bandwagon - give me all of the brown! It's such an easy fall neutral and looks so good paired with black. Yes, you can wear brown with black! The only time you don't want to mix brown and black (or navy and black for that matter) is when the colors are really close to each other. Then it looks like you meant to match but didn't quite. When the brown or navy has enough contrast from the black that they look like distinctly different colors, you're good to go.

And yes, this barrette. I resisted the barrette trend for a while, and definitely said I would never ever wear them. And then I found myself inside of Forever 21 with an old store credit and suddenly found myself with a bunch of hair accessories in my hands. I guess I'm in on barrettes! If you're going to go in on a trend like this, definitely pick the cheapo stuff so when barrettes go back out of style in a year, you don't feel bad about getting rid of your four dollar pair.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go find myself a slap bracelet and some Bonnie Bell Lipsmackers and put on an episode of Saved By the Bell. Peace out!

Sweater Tee - LOFT / Skirt (similar here and here) - BP / Booties (similar here and here) - Steve Madden / Bag (similar here and here) - Coach Factory / Barrette - Forever 21

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