Wednesday, September 18, 2019

J.Crew & LOFT Try On's

Oh hi! I recently ordered approximately one thousand things from the internet (after buying basically nothing in August) so I thought I'd share! Everything came a week+ ago, but it turns out trying to take a bunch of mirror selfies when everyone in your house keeps getting sick is tricky! I managed to fit these in after showering but before nap time ended while avoiding Jeff wandering around trying to get dressed himself - made things a little tricky haha ;) So I basically took these as fast as possible without moving anything (really, I couldn't have kicked that laundry basket over?! 😂) so you can have fun seeing our mess and watching my hair dry ;)


This dress is from the Sneak Preview section at LOFT - basically, where they put their brand new merchandise before you can use any sale codes on it. I think the dress itself is gorgeous, the print is so pretty and is somehow one of those prints that will work for spring, summer or fall. It definitely looks so much more expensive than it is, the fabric is so pretty. But I'm still in this post-pregnancy mindset where I'm confused about what size I am, and ordered up a size. It was quite a bit too big in case you couldn't tell. I don't think this will work on my body type even if I go down a size though, because then the buttons would pull.

This dress is also from the Sneak Preview section and I went up a size in this one too, but it works! It has some invisible seaming that gives it more of a defined waist than a typical shift, and also has an invisible zipper up the back. So pretty and again, looks really high quality. I normally would not advocate buying anything full price from LOFT, but I'm keeping this one. In Chicago there are very few weeks when you can comfortably wear a fall dress without tights, and I am not wasting any of them waiting for this beauty to go down in price!

This striped sweater tee is actually a really dark green (it's very subtle in person) and is a nice staple to have on hand since it wears like a tee but is very easy to dress up. I had high hopes for this ponte skirt for work. The cut is really flattering and cute, with the a-line and slight flounce at the bottom. I did get a tall for some extra length which makes it perfect for work. The only thing, I'm not sure if it's my body or if the skirt was cut slightly wrong, but on my left hip as you're looking at this photo there was a flare out for hips that I definitely don't have. Weirdly the right side fit perfectly. So I'm going to try again on this one and hope that the second one I receive is cut correctly! 


This top is so pretty, I love the swiss dot pattern and the pretty neckline detailing. It isn't the most flattering on me though so I'm sadly sending it back. These jeans are a mid-rise super dark wash, which I always want to have on hand since they work so well for dressing up. This pair is cut slightly smaller in the waist than my other J.Crew jeans and the material is thicker and less stretchy, so they are super flattering but aren't quite as comfortable.

I ordered this sweatshirt while wearing rose-colored sale glasses, forgetting that I already have a towering pile of sweatshirts threatening to bury the next person who unwittingly enters my closet. It is really pretty in person. I love the gold hardware - makes it look so luxe! The fabric is a terrycloth, so it isn't that super soft inside. Instead it's lighterweight. The length is slightly cropped which makes the top of the pocket hit at the bottom of my chest, making it not so flattering on me.

I remember last fall being like 'ughhhhh why is that ugly brown everywhere' and now this year I'm like GIVE ME ALL THE BROWN hahaha. This tee is adorable and I can definitely see wearing it dressed up with skirts, or dressed down with shorts or jeans. The cut on this is loose and a little more boyfriend.

I've been eyeing these mules for a while, and they are so pretty in person! The leather is gorgeous. I think they look fine in pictures, but in real life I thought they made my feet look gigantic. I already have big feet so I'm a little conscious about making them look too long ;)

This blazer has also been on my wishlist for a while. I love that the brown can be worn with black, blue, or grey dress pants. I got a tall and the shoulders and sleeves are both big enough for me - yay! This tee is supposed to be fitted, and it is pretty tight and stretchy. I usually go for oversized tees these days, but sometimes it's nice to have something fitted so I think I'll keep it.

I love this gold wrap bracelet!! It's perfect for wearing with business casual outfits, I actually wore it when I dressed up for work last week. Oh, and see the clown feet?

And then I just wanted to show another way to wear the fitted striped tee - it works great tucked into a skirt!

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