Wednesday, September 4, 2019

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We moved Mia down to her room a couple weeks ago, so our bedroom is finally (almost) back to normal!! This is a pretty typical daycare drop off outfit for me now that the mornings are getting cooler. Always toss on that hat to hide my #momhair ;) 

We got tickets to a Cubs day game a couple weeks ago while Mia was in daycare, and it was so fun! Plus we managed to see a W which is always nice. The next day I had to go to immediate care though, it turned out I had a sinus infection! I thought something might be wrong when I had one drink at the game and thought I might die haha ;) 

We had my parents babysit on a Sunday night, which meant we had to be back home pretty early so my mom could be home for her early "school night" bedtime ;) We just ran over to Lincoln Square for dinner on the patio at Bistro Campagne. Somehow we've been several times inside but this was the first time we sat outside, and it's really pretty back there, like a secret garden.

My chai habit got out a bit out of control for a while (especially when my doctor told me I should be getting more calcium - took that as permission to have one daily haha!), but we've reeled it back in ;) 

Sandals (on sale!)

Had to be downtown a bunch of days in a row a few weeks ago, and it was weirdly fun to get dressed up and wander the city. I may or may not have ended up at City Winery a couple times ;)

Out and about in Lakeview with Mia to meet another friend's new baby!

This sweater blazer was one of my best buys (Er, gift requests? My mom gave it to me for Christmas last year.) - I wear it all the time. Love how it dresses up my summer mom uniform of a tee shirt and shorts.

Another date night from this summer at Flora Fauna. The whole restaurant is so cute, but the food was the real standout here - some of the most creative but really good dishes I've had in a long time! 

I know this outfit was in a blog post at the beginning of the summer, but I had to reshare since this top from last year is back in stock! The eyelet detail is so pretty :)

A snap from Jeff's brother's wedding earlier this summer - my dress was so fun to wear! And I managed to keep those heels on all night :) 

Dress (currently on sale!) / HeelsSimilar Earrings

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