Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday Finds

Happy Friday!! Can't believe we're getting so close to Christmas. I love the holiday season and it is going by so fast! I've been having so much fun with Mia, showing her Christmas lights and wrapping paper and Christmas music and movies. You may have seen on Instagram Stories, I kept her home from daycare one day this week because I thought she had pink eye (ha, nope) and was trying to keep her amused while I worked. I put in Elf, and the first shot when Papa Elf came on the screen she literally cheered. Of course she lost interest about twenty minutes later, but still, so freaking cute!!

In case you're looking for some festive clothing for the holidays, here are a few of my finds. I ordered the red top and the hat because I'm obnoxious. I'm hoping the top will be fun for date nights. Whenever I get dressed for dates in the winter I stress myself out trying to find something pretty in my closet that isn't too casual but also doesn't look like it should be for work. This one definitely fits the bill!

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