Wednesday, December 4, 2019

November Budget

Every month I post about my clothing budget. My budget per month is $350, which may seem like a lot to some and a little to others, but feels just right for me. You can read my thoughts on my 2018 budget here.

Another month down! I didn't do a ton of shopping in November mostly because I was so busy!! I also always feel like fall items are so classic and timeless that I don't need to add a ton to my wardrobe. This year I was pulling back out a lot of fall things that I didn't get to wear last year when I was pregnant, so it was basically like having a brand new wardrobe.

That being said, I'm pretty psyched about what I did end up buying! Here's the damage for November:

Eliza J Sweater Dress - $118. I was trying to figure out something to wear to Mia's baptism, since most of my clothes are either super dressy or super casual. This was so pretty online I thought I'd order it to try. In person the detailing is gorgeous, and I love the fit & flare style. Had to keep it! You can see me in it here.
J.Crew Boots - originally $198, on sale $99. I'd been wanting these for a couple of seasons, but never pulled the trigger. I realized though that I'm in winter boots for literally six months of the year and didn't want to just be in my Bean Boots every day, so I thought I'd give these a try when they were on sale last week. I like that in the black they look a little dressier than other hiking boots.  I put them on and was like "eh, I don't think I need them." And then I literally kept them on all day! They are so cozy with a full fur lining inside, it's like stepping on a cloud. I've been having issues with one of my feet for the past month or two, and these took the pain away immediately. Definite winners!
J.Crew Factory Earrings - originally $22.50, on sale $10.80. These were the only thing from an order from J.Crew Factory that I kept. So cute in person, slightly bigger than you'd expect and perfect for dressing up any holiday outfits.
J.Crew Great Lakes Tee - originally $29.50, used rewards $24.50. I ordered this way back in September but it was backordered and just arrived this month. For some reason I thought I needed an XXL (I still have some weird body dysmorphia from being pregnant!) so it's really oversized on me, but it's adorable and perfect for wearing with leggings and a cardigan for all of my momming around days.

Total Spent: $252.30
Total Saved: $115.70

I honestly had no idea how I was doing as far as budget for the year, so I decided to actually go back and do the math:

January: $166.95
February: $231.04
March: $149.49 
April: $348.61
May: $334.20
June: $269.85
July: $294.90
August: $17.70
September: $404.54
October:  $360.44
November: $252.30

Total Spent so far: $2830.02
Monthly Average: $257.27

Turns out I am way under budget, which at least makes me feel better about the coat I ordered last week too that I'm waiting on. Technically I have $1369.98 left over for December (ha!) and no, I am not just going buck wild and spending it all. It makes me feel good that I seem to have reigned in my spending a bit. I actually try not to shop for myself a ton in December anyway since I'm busy shopping for others, so we'll see how this month goes.

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