Thursday, November 28, 2019

My Favorites On Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you're having a fun day full of family and food. We're trying to pack up and head out to our first meal, so I thought I'd just pop in quick and share a couple of my favorite things that are currently on sale. I'll come back and update this tonight & tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

I did a tiny bit of shopping myself. I went into the J.Crew store to return something on Tuesday, and got to try on this coat. Determined from the try on that I definitely needed a tall, so I ordered it at 50% off in the camel color - so beautiful!! I also got this sweatshirt that I tried on, it's so soft inside (it's lined in fleece). And I've been wanting another pair of winter boots since I basically just wear my bean boots every day, so I decided to throw these in to give them a try.

I also ordered this (decidedly less fun) Dyson vacuum for $200 off. Now that Mia is starting to get mobile, I want to be much more on my game for cleaning our floors, and I love that this is cord free! 

Shirt - 60% off - J.Crew Factory / Jeans - 30% off - Madewell

Scarf - J.Crew Factory - 59% off

Sweater Blazer - J.Crew - 50% off

Sweater - Target - 30% off

Coat, hat, and jeans - J.Crew - 50% off 

Jacket - J.Crew - 50% off

Sweatshirt - L.L.Bean - 20% off

Mia's Fleece - Old Navy - 50% off

Jacket - Old Navy - 50% off / Bag - Madewell - 30% off

Dress - LOFT - on clearance for $20!

Sweater Tee - LOFT / on clearance for $15!

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