Monday, February 10, 2020

Motherhood Monday: Mia's Schedule at 11 Months

We're almost at a full year with Mia, it sounds so cheesy to say but I really can't believe it. A whole year of smiles and squeals (and tears and screams too) with this happy, beautiful, rambunctious little girl. I was talking to Jeff the other day about how I can barely remember being pregnant at this point, it feels so long ago.

Around 10 months we started to finally get the consistency in Mia's schedule I've been wanting (or really, I laid down the law!) and now I know when she will nap, when she'll go to sleep, and when she'll wake up every day. It's not an exact science of course, Mia generally prefers to wake up earlier on the weekends when she's gotten two full-length naps at home (as opposed to at daycare, where there's too much fun to be had for napping). As I'm typing this, she's actually sleeping in a little which is always nice :)

7am: Mia wakes up and I nurse her in her room, then we change her diaper and get dressed for the day. Then we head upstairs for some alone time in her playpen. This is the time of day when she's least needy in terms of me being directly next to her, so I take advantage by cleaning the kitchen, prepping her breakfast, and getting dressed. I'm also on a "flex schedule" with work so I can spend more time with Mia in the mornings, so if time allows it I'll hop on my work computer too and shoot off a few emails. ("Flex schedule" basically just means I can start late, but I have to make up time missed in the evenings.)

8am: Breakfast! Mia eats just about everything I put in front of her. For breakfast we usually have yogurt with fruit, but sometimes I'll give her avocado, other fruit, eggs, or cheese. When I'm not thinking I give her yogurt bites, and then she spends the rest of the meal pointing at the yogurt bites asking for more.

8:30am: "Free range" playtime where Mia wanders our living room, crawling into small spaces (I call it #catlife on Instagram stories 😂) and looking for things I haven't babyproofed.

9:15am: I get Mia and myself bundled to go outside, and we walk the 15 minutes to her daycare. Mia loves school and her teachers and often immediately crawls away from me to climb into one of their laps, or crawls off to play with one of her friends.

10:00am: Mia's first nap, which she usually refuses at daycare because she's having too much fun. At home she'll sleep around an hour.

10:30/11am: Depending on when Mia wakes up, she'll have a 6oz bottle.

11:30am: Lunch time! I'm always amazed by the things they give her at school that she will gobble down - chili, sloppy joes, barbecue chicken! Along with fruit and vegetables of course. The report back is always that she cleaned her tray.

1:30pm: Another 6oz bottle

2:00pm: Nap time that she takes no matter what, usually for an hour.

3:30pm: Snack time! At daycare she usually gets fruit, crackers, and cheese.

4:30: Another 6oz bottle - she doesn't usually finish this one anymore.

5:00pm: Jeff picks up Mia from daycare. He usually gets to work by 7 because he's a crazy person (he's done this as long as I've known him!) so he'll take a 4:30 train home to get her. They'll walk home, and I always run to meet them at the door! #thatmom.

5:30pm: Dinner time! Mia will usually try our leftovers from the night before, or if we don't have anything for her I'll typically feed her pasta and chicken with pesto, sweet potato, mixed veggies, and some shredded cheese. After dinner, all three of us usually end up in the playpen. If Mia has missed a nap or is especially tired, we sometimes turn on an episode of Sesame Street to appease her until bedtime. I know, I know, we're terrible. But she loves it so much, she will literally clap and cheer when the opening credits start.

6:15pm: We only do baths 2x a week because Mia has really dry skin and because she usually isn't messy enough to need one. On a bath day, we fill up her little tub and let her splash away. Then we dry her off and lotion her up before pajamas.

6:30pm: Bedtime! We head downstairs for a final diaper change and to get into pajamas and her sleep sack. We used to wait until 6:45 but she would be super crabby when we got her ready for bed. At 6:30 she's generally happier to get into her pajamas. We read her two stories and then it's lights out. One of us will feed her a final 10oz bottle in her room and then put her in her bed. Nine times out of ten she rolls over, sticks her thumb in her mouth, and is asleep by the time I close her door.

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