Monday, February 17, 2020

Five Random Things

Happy President's Day! I found out at about 3pm on Friday that my office was closed today for the holiday - three cheers for a surprise long weekend! I love a good trip over a long weekend or one in the summer with lots of barbecues and parties, but this unexpected long weekend without plans has been so nice. I ended up going out for brunch with some girlfriends, saw some of Jeff's family, and had my sister's family over for a playdate. Today we're thinking we might head out to visit Jeff's grandma, but we're mostly just planning on hanging at home.

Matching my mini for her school Valentine's Day party! Here is my sweater, her dress, her bow, and our little tassel garland

I had a random thing I wanted to share on Friday night, I started jotting things down and suddenly I had basically a whole blog post written. So here are a few of my current favorite things, in no particular order

1. Pinterest! Okay so this is like SO 2011, but I have been all over Pinterest lately. It's funny, when Pinterest was new I went on all the time, but then their algorithm came into play and they stopped showing me my friend's pins and I basically stopped using the platform. But now all of the sudden I'm all over it again! I’m currently planning Mia’s 1st Birthday (it’s an Alice in Wonderland theme!) and a pool party bachelorette, plus I’m pretty sure I volunteered for another party that I can’t even remember. I know this sounds like some people’s nightmare, but I love planning parties (you can see the Sprinkle and Rustic Animals baby showers I threw!) and looking at all of the inspiration on Pinterest is so fun!! If you're looking for some Pinspiration, you can follow me here.

2. Cheer! Okay, so I know that like, everyone and their mother is talking about Cheer right now but you guys, I am obsessed. In case you haven’t heard of it, the docuseries on Netflix follows a team of college cheerleaders as they prepare to compete in the national championships. I’ve watched the entire thing through twice, and I still can’t get over the crazy routines. I also am obsessed with the cast and have been semi-stalking them on Instagram - get it Jerry!!

3. New Hairbrush! I know I talked about this before, but I FINALLY decided to upgrade my hairbrush after using the same one for literally fifteen years. You guys, I think I bought my last brush because I was moving out of the house for college and couldn’t share with my sister any more! (P.S. is it weird to share a hairbrush with your sister? It’s just now occurring to me that it might be weird. Although, we also shared A BED for a few years when I was in middle school and we were remodeling, so maybe the hairbrush is less weird.) Anyway, I can’t believe the difference the new hairbrush has made. My hair has a ton more volume, even on day two, and it’s shinier too. Plus this brush helps my hair stay straighter at the ends versus flipping in various directions. I got the 2 inch size and I would definitely recommend! The only downside is that the bristles are a little scratchy on your scalp if you brush too aggressively. I was thinking this morning I might put together a post of the current hair products / routine I do because I've been getting some questions about it lately - is that something you would be interested in seeing?

4. The Office Ladies Podcast! If you watched and loved The Office then you will love The Office Ladies. The actresses who played Pam and Angela recap an episode every week, and often have guests or have talked to cast and crew to get behind the scenes details on every episode. They can get a little goofy and annoying sometimes (like your mom arguing with your grandma about why a notecard is better than a notepad) but the detail they go into makes me want to go back and watch every episode again! I'm currently inundated with Bachelor podcasts, but I make time for this one every week.

5. The Masked Singer! Have you seen The Masked Singer? It’s basically a singing competition for celebrities, but they’re in these giant costumes so you have to guess who is singing. I remember hearing about the first season and thought it sounded completely ridiculous, but then Jeff made me start watching last season and I'm definitely hooked. The clues they give every week to help you guess who might be singing are really fun, Jeff and I spend every episode debating who the singers might be. The costumes are also incredible and hilarious. The whole thing is so fun and doesn't take itself too seriously, definitely an easy mid-week watch.

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