Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Week's Worth of Outfits

I started taking daily mirror selfies to document what I'm wearing every day, and now I've been at it for more than a week! (Well almost. In putting this together it seems I missed Wednesday. Le sigh.) As you've seen I'm rarely taking full outfit photos these days, so the daily outfits are a fun way to share what I've been wearing without the huge production.

Sunday: Errands and lots of baby cuddle time

Monday: work from home

Tuesday: Baby play time then work from home

Thursday: Baby play time then work from home

Friday: Valentine's Day party at Mia's daycare, then work from home and Valentine's Day dinner with Jeff. Eventually found shoes. 

Saturday: Shopping, brunch with girlfriends, then baby hangs. Saw my jeans in the mirror, whipped them off and cut an inch of the bottom before I snapped this pic. Might still take off a little more. 

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