Saturday, March 28, 2020

LOFT New Arrivals

It's kind of a tricky time we're in. Are you shopping, or no?

I'm still on the shopping train, but I'm being much more particular than usual, knowing that I may not be able to return things or that charges will sit on my credit cards for a while until I am able to make returns. I just can't help myself really, the sales have been insane.

At Loft right now, it's 50% off everything with free shipping, including Sneak Peak items that NEVER go on sale. I had to hold myself back because all of the spring stuff is so cute. I ended up ordering the floral Lilly-lookalike dress (the cut is so flattering, I have a similar one from 2017 here. Size down, I'm in a medium!), the striped sweater, the knit kimono, and the wide leg sweats. These things are SO freaking soft, like the softest things ever (I also have their sweatshirts) and I'm really looking forward to having a pair of lounge pants where it doesn't matter that they're too short for me. I also was just laughing with Jeff that apparently the gaucho pants that were so popular in like 2006/2007 are back, just rebranded as wide leg crops now. They were super popular at my college for two years, girls would wear them to the gym, with a sorority tee for class, or dressed up with heels and a tank to go to the bars. I'm clearly v pro their return.

Here are all of my picks:

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