Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Weekend Style

Sweater and Jeans (similar) - Old Navy / Jacket - J.Crew / Sneakers (more sizes here) - New Balance

Whew, quite a week! As my sister keeps saying, "Lemon, it's Wednesday." 

Like many of you I'm sure, we had our daycare announce on Friday that they'd be closed through the end of the month. Jeff and I are both working from home, so we're trying to balance watching Mia and staying on top of our jobs. Luckily I work for the best company ever, so instead of focusing on how many hours I'm working, they've been encouraging me to take the time I need with Mia and still take breaks for my mental health. 

I'm also very grateful that Mia is still at an age where we don't have to plan activities or worry about being bored. The only games we need to play are "chase" and "hand things back and forth," and Mia is perfectly happy to walk in circles around the couch for half an hour straight. To stay sane, we've also been going for walks every day for some fresh air and a change in scenery. 

Okay okay, enough rambling about our current situation - I know you've been hearing about it enough!  

Let's talk about the outfit.

The sweater

I had been really wanting to try the whole "cardigan as a sweater" trend (groundbreaking I know) and decided to hop in with this inexpensive version from Old Navy. I've seen a ton of these sweaters around, but a lot of them are super cropped or really low cut, neither of which really flies with my body type. I ordered this twice to get the right size, and ended up in a tall large. It fit perfectly, that is, until I accidentally put it in the dryer. Noooo! Now I would say it fits more like a regular large. So my suggestion would be to get the tall size even if you don't usually wear talls, because it will likely shrink. 

The jeans

I'm back on a light-wash jean kick now that spring is peaking its head out! I bought this pair last year and am still very in on them. They are a slightly higher rise than I usually prefer, so these are definitely not a "comfy lounge" kind of jean, more of a "change into sweatpants as soon as you walk in the door" jean. This pair is obviously old, but here's a similar one. It had bothered me all last year that this pair was a little too wide and long at the ankle, so I actually took some scissors to them and now am much happier with them! If you want to cut the ankles of your jeans, I suggest looking in a mirror and marking the length you want. 

The jacket

I'm still so excited every year when it warms up enough to put this jacket back in rotation. You may  remember that I specifically classify my jackets by temperature, and I would say this one works from about 50 degrees to 65. J.Crew has been really going in on sales this past year, so definitely don't pay full price. I'd wait until you see it at least 40% off. I got a tall xl in this coat, and it's slightly oversized but in a good way - I love that the sleeves are long enough for me to give a little roll! Touches like rolling your sleeves (or a front tuck on your top) make your outfit look more intentional.

The sneakers

These are, by far, my favorite sneakers that I've owned as an adult. My feet just keep getting pickier and pickier in terms of what they find comfortable, and a lot of sneakers end up rubbing my ankles weird or the tongue is uncomfortable. Not these! The whole shoe is like a sock, with a stretchy, soft piece that goes all around your foot and laces on the outside. No tongue! I also love the little leather details, it makes them look slightly elevated over your average sneaker. 

I hope you have a great Wednesday, enjoy your social distancing and stay healthy!! 

Sweater and Jeans (similar) - Old Navy / Jacket - J.Crew / Sneakers (more sizes here) - New Balance

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