Wednesday, April 29, 2020

April Budget

I share my clothing budget here every month. My budget per month is $350, which may seem like a lot to some people or a little to others, but for me feels just right. I include all of my clothes, coats, shoes, and accessories in that budget, but not athletic gear, pajamas, or intimates.

End of a full month of quarantine, yaaaaaaay!!!

After spending a TON on sale items in March, I really pulled back in April! Not really on purpose, it's just hard to feel like you really *need* something when I know we won't be going anywhere until at least June.

My favorite purchase has to be these comfy lounge pants - they're so soft!! I usually don't include loungewear in my budget posts, but I feel like with the right top and shoes, they could turn into everyday pants too.

Here's what I bought in April:

LOFT Striped Sweater - originally $49.50, on sale $24.75. This sweater is one I'm not sure I'd recommend. It's a super thin material that's not soft, and it's definitely sparklier in person than I realized (the tan and grey stripes are "shimmer"). I'm still keeping it and plan to wear it with white jeans or shorts.
Madewell White Jeans - originally $128, on sale $75. I finally made good on that promise to buy some non-skinny jeans! These fit like a cropped flare, and are skinny on the top and flare out below the knee. I've been having a tricky time with Madewell's sizing lately, went down a size in these and am very happy I did so they stay fitted through the thigh and knees - just a liiiiittle tight in the waist. That may be COVID alcohol & cookie consumption related though ;) I wore them here.
Daily Ritual Coulottes - $31.45. I've been wearing these nonstop, as pajamas and as regular clothes. I love the cropped length and wide leg, it makes them comfier than leggings and avoids the awkward length that most full length pajama pants are on me (read: several inches too short). I wore these here.
LOFT Kimono Wrap - originally $69.50, on sale $34.75. Wearing this as I type! It's a really pretty mix of pastel colors, cute and soft. I've been tossing this over tee shirts to feel a little more put together for work calls. I wore it here.
LOFT Floral Dress - originally $90, on sale $45. This was my Easter dress! I think the pattern is adorable in person, and I love the fluttery hem. I did size down in this per another dress I have that's the same cut, and it was a bad move. Definitely stay at your regular size. Also don't wear this one on a windy day! I wore it here.

Total spent: $210.95

Like I said, I'm not really looking for a ton right now. I did just empty out a bunch of old spring/summer tops from my closet (while Mia emptied my underwear drawer and marched all of my shoes out of my closet - thanks girl!) so some new ones (that all allow for wearing with a regular bra please - what was up with all those off the shoulder tops hmm?!) are probably in order. Should I put more words into parentheses?

Did you shop this month, or have you been tightening the purse strings?

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