Saturday, April 18, 2020

Friday Finds

Friday Finds... on a Saturday?! Lol I literally forgot to publish this yesterday, thought I would get it up after work, and then the weekend took over ;)

How are you coping with the stay-at-home orders? I was on a video chat this week where we all talked about our coping mechanisms. There were a lot of people who were walking and running, and obviously some alcohol usage. I said walking initially, but it's really all of the Facetiming and video chats that are getting me through. I Facetime with my mom almost every afternoon, and end up in a group video chat through Facebook Messenger with my immediate family almost every night (we use Messenger because my brother's family is in Japan). We also have been calling either Jeff's grandma or his parents every day. It's more family time than we usually get when we aren't quarantined, and I'm loving it!

Here are my finds for the week. I just ordered the slippers and I almost feel bad about it because they were such a steal. LOFT is running a promotion where you can get 70% off one full-price item, and 50% off (almost) everything else. The cute striped tank (it has little ruffles along the edges!) is also 40% off and somehow found its way into my shopping cart ;)

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