Monday, May 4, 2020

My Favorite Quarantine Purchases

Hi, my name is Kristina, and I have a Pandemic shopping problem!

I mean, really, did you expect anything less than me? Between shopping for more cozy lounge clothes, activities for Mia, activities for me, and home purchases, there seem to be packages arriving every day. Here are some of my favorite things I've found:

Activities to do at home during quarantine

I didn't buy Mia much for her birthday (literally three books - Mom of the Year!) because I was planning on getting a few things for her when she got older, namely a toy kitchen and a water table. But when quarantine hit, I wanted to find new ways to keep her occupied and I was worried that by the time I thought Mia was ready for them, there would be manufacturing supply chain issues and we wouldn't be able to get what we wanted.

We ended up getting this kitchen (which was completely free thanks to a sale and credits from our Pottery Barn deck furniture debacle!) and I love it so much. It's freaking adorable and looks cute, not obnoxious, in our living room. I also ended up getting this actual kitchen mat to put in front of it after I realized she was doing lots of dropping her metal pans on the floor right there. So now she bangs them on the floor next to the mat. But I still love the mats, and am thinking about getting some for our actual kitchen!

We also are loving the water table!! We just filled it up for the first time over the weekend (the weather was SO beautiful, we were up on the deck for hours!) and Mia loved it! Literally splashed in there for an hour. I definitely recommend getting a little umbrella if your set has a spot for one, makes me feel better about my pale little girl standing in the sun for that long.

Another favorite purchase was a set of bubble guns. Mia has only been into bubbles for a couple weeks and I was already tired of regular bubble wands. These bubble guns shoot out huge streams of bubbles, and are completely manual so you don't need to change out batteries.

I personally have been going all in on puzzles when I have some free time. I bought a bunch of Dowdle puzzles at the beginning of quarantine and have steadily been making my way through my stack - the puzzle shapes are crazy which makes them hard! I also picked back up on calligraphy (this is the book I have) and needlepoint - love this shop's kits!!

Home purchases during quarantine

It's kind of funny because I've worked from home for two years now, but the extra hang-out time at home has me looking at our house and wanting to update and finish some spaces I've been ignoring. I spruced up my bedroom office with this mirror and wildflower print from Target, and made the work from home situation more ergonomic with a comfy desk chair and a laptop stand. So much better than working from the couch!

I've also been putting a lot of work into our roof deck. Every year in April I decide THIS is the year I'm really going all out to make the space live up to it's potential. I got that new patio set from Pottery Barn that only took 10 months to arrive (😠) delivered at the end of February, and it's really motivating me to do more. I filled out the space with this rug, this self-watering planter (amazing because there's zero chance I'm remembering to go up and water every day!), this bench, and these sun loungers. I'm still on the hunt for some more outdoor pillows, plants, and new tables. We also just got three of these tall planters for our front deck off of our living room, and they add so much to the space.

Best lounge clothes for staying at home

Are you on team getting dressed or team pajamas all day?? I'm on a lot of video calls for work so I've been getting dressed most days, but I'm definitely changing into them later in the day and changing out of them earlier. I LOVE these cozy slippers that were on super sale, and these wide leg cropped pants are amazingly comfortable without being too heavy. I grabbed these rainbow striped pajamas on sale and have been wearing them whenever it's not too cold, they're so cute and make me happy. These sweatshirts are also incredible, they're the softest I've ever touched and stay soft even after washing and drying them over and over because your toddler somehow manages to spill on them every time you wear one.

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