Monday, January 27, 2014

This weekend...

This weekend I...

... Bought some pretty flowers so I can pretend it's spring, even when it's minus 40 outside. Oh, and yes, the fox is back :)
... Had to fend for myself while Jeff was off on a retreat with the youth group he works with.  I maaaay have slept with all of the lights on in our house.
... Went out for some drinks and tapas with a couple of friends for some lady time and lots of bacon wrapped dates.
... Got another blowout at Blowtique and had an awesome time laughing with my stylist.
... Went to training for my volunteer role with Destination Imagination - looks like it's DI season again!
... Tried carrot chips, and decided they taste a little too much like a carrot but also weirdly like Frosted Flakes.
... Went to a friend's birthday party out in Wicker Park and saw a lot of interesting facial hair.
... Watched about 37 episodes of Four Weddings while getting some work done (errrrr, let's be real, going on Facebook).

I hope you had a good one!

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  1. This is such a pretty little display - I've been working so much lately that my home decor has fallen by the wayside...I need to get decorating!

  2. I saw your blowout on came out so good! I really want to get one as a treat sometime soon!

  3. Umm the carrot chips sound not good. Your blowout looked great! And I've gotten sucked into Four Weddings marathons before!

  4. I definitely sleep with the lights on when my husband is away, haha. It's scary! Sounds like you had a nice, busy weekend, though! :) Love the flowers!!


  5. I thought that you meant fresh carrots that were in chip shape. That I am on board with. The other I don't quite know how I feel!

  6. Omg bacon-wrapped dates- were you at Ba-Ba-Reeba?? I never thought I'd eat anything like that, but Ba-Ba-Reeba made me a believer. I also love your shout-out to weird Wicker Park facial hair. I'm so jealous you went to Blowtique! I've never had a blowout, but I want to go there so badly! Hope you're surviving this weather!


  7. No, I was at Paola's Vinum downtown - more of a place for drinks and snacks than dinner. I love Ba-Ba-Reeba though, it's actually where I had my first date with Jeff! Ooo girl you should try Blowtique sometime, it's fun to get a little pampering sometimes :)

  8. Yeah I would noooooot purchase them myself haha ;)

  9. Oh no oh no. They were dehydrated I think?

  10. Four Weddings may have been on my television for like, six hours straight on Sunday. Whoops...

  11. Ooo do it! I did some decorating cause I had people over so I wanted my place to be pretty ;)

  12. AH - so I just went for Tapas for the first time a few weeks ago and it was fabulous. I also had bacon wrapped dates and they were just....ridiculous!!!

    xox Jackie

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