Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wedding Weekend Day 3: Sailing & Rehearsing

So day three meant sailing on Lake Michigan while Hurricane Issac blew through.  Someone (ahem) got a little seasick and had to spend the whole trip laying down, so I didn't manage to get any outfit pics.  I think everyone else had fun, except for the groom who got knocked down along with me.  Perhaps I should invest in some Dramamine next time...

After that I got a little recovery time while everyone else rehearsed, and then went to the rehearsal dinner.  I couldn't tell how dressy the dinner was going to be so I went with flats, but all of the other girls wore heels.  I was the one laughing later that night while the groom led us all over downtown trying to find a bar.

Dress - Bar III, shoes - Payless, bracelet - Tiffany's

I'm loving the peplum trend, super flattering, and allow you to eat a lot without any food babies ;)

On a sidebar, I like how my room gets progressively messier in each picture from the weekend.  My mom would be so proud.  The bag with the pink is for my sister's bachelorette party tonight!!