Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wedding Weekend Day 1: Frontier

I now realize I didn't actually manage to get pictures of all of my outfits from this weekend.  Whoops!  Day one was just dinner with some people who came into town early.  But when I say "just dinner," I mean it involved eating a llama meatball.

We went to this place called Frontier, which is a dude haven.  Like, seriously, 90 percent of the patrons were guys.  This is probably because you can order an entire boar for dinner if you give them enough notice.  I made it on time despite my boyfriend forgetting to tell me the location for dinner had changed.  He was probably distracted by the boar.

I wanted to go cash, but still cute since I was meeting a bunch of the boyfriend's friends for the first time.  I ordered this dress from Ideeli, only open it up and realize it was from a boutique that is literally a block from my apartment.  I had been walking past their windows all summer lusting after it, yet still didn't manage to realize it was the same dress when I bought it.  Nice work, me.

It was hot and sweaty that day so I decided to rock the bang braid.  I really want to use the word "boomskies" right here, but that will only prove to my friends once more that I've been hanging out with the boy too much.

I'm also super loving this necklace I picked up from Francesca's last week while I was supposed to be shopping for wedding jewelry (whoops!).  It makes me feel like such a badass ;)

Dress - Vfish, Tank - Kohls, Necklace - Francesca's, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Sandals - Nine West


  1. Braids are literally a hair lifesaver for me--your hair looks so pretty in one. Also, that Francesca's necklace is so cool!

    The Glossy Musings

  2. I love braiding my bangs on hot days, it makes such a difference having them off my face! I am also obsessed with Francesca's, I could spend so much $$ in there. Beautiful necklace!


  3. Such a pretty dress - it looks fabulous on you! How was the llama meatball?

    The Other Side of Gray

    1. Honestly the llama was a little weird. LIke, you could tell you were not eating a regular animal. Not going to be my first choice in the future ;)

  4. I dont know about the llama meat, but i dig the dress!

  5. I am completely in LOVE with your hair! The braid is TOO cute for words! Hope you have a fabulous weekend pretty lady :)
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed

  6. Love the dress and that braid is a great solution to humid days...
    you look very pretty!!