Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him (Part Deux)

Gifts for guys can be hard, no matter what the occasion is.  This year, Jeff and I decided not to do Valentine's Day gifts (you know, cause my birthday is two weeks later so I still get presents ;) but since my last Valentine's Day Gifts post was so popular, I thought I'd update it for this year.

Scarf: Because he definitely needs one, but he's never going to buy one for himself.
Multi Bar Tool: Ummm, because it's the coolest.
Book: My almost father-in-law got this for Christmas and it's hysterical - all of the tips and tricks you need to know to achieve the art of manliness.
Krups Beertender: What guy doesn't want fresh beer on tap all the time?  Just make sure you know your guy likes Amstel/Heineken/Newcastle, since those are the only kinds of beer that can be used with this.
Moscow Mule Mugs: Moscow Mules are everywhere these days, and this way you can buy the glasses outright instead of putting down a $30 deposit at the bar and then walking out with one.
Funny Mug: So he can think of you every time he gets his caffeine jolt.
Silly Boxers: Just because it's 2014 doesn't mean he still won't need a pair of these.
Fancy Man Bag: So that he has something nice to bring on weekend trips, other than his backpack from college.

What are you getting your guy for Valentine's Day?  Or are you skipping presents this year too?

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  1. Haha I love that book "The Art of Manliness" - definitely something to keep in mind!

  2. This came at the perfect time! Need to order my vday gifts. I love that mug!

    xo Dina

  3. Oh these are fabulous... love the mug...

  4. Great suggestions! ♥ I'm in need of some ideas myself. :) I love the Moscow Mule Mug and the Manliness book.

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