Friday, February 28, 2014

February Budget

Oh hey guys, I'm back with another budget post.  In January I had a hard time sticking to my budget of $300, but in February I did it!  Even with the major purchase of some snazzy new emergency rain boots.  It helped that I've gotten totally sick of winter clothes, so even with sales I didn't really want anything.

Here's the damage for February:

Baublebar Arrow Cuff - Originally $28, on sale $10
Baublebar Double Strand Necklace - Originally $34.99, on sale $10
Gap Boyfriend Jeans - Originally $69.99, on sale $36.72
Baublebar Fuchsia Bib Necklace - Originally $46, used $14 in credits plus on sale for a total of $25.60

Not pictured:
Baublebar Pave Cuff - Originally $28, on sale $10
H&M Jersey Chiffon Tee - $12.95
H&M Studded Sweatshirt - $17.95

Total Spent: $263.22
Total Saved: $114.66

So this month went really well, but I'm a liiiiiiittle scared to see what happens when spring and summer clothes hit the stores!  

As a sidebar, is anyone excited to see me in a pair of jeans that aren't dark wash and skinny??

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  1. I hateeeeee how expensive Hunters are, but I'm going to cave in and buy some for this crappy weather we're having/will have with rainy March and April.

  2. You did good! I hear you with not wanting any more winter clothes, I am so sick of them as well.

  3. Oh I need those Hunters in my life…. never fails whenever my husband and I decide to crack down and really save… I get a craving for some shopping…

  4. Wow I'm glad you managed to keep within your budget. The hunter boots, being the most expensive, definitely made it a lot tougher. I would love to see those jeans on you!

    If you'd like me to follow back, please keep in touch via my blog love :)

    xoxo, Mango ❤

  5. Hey, I didn't know we had the same budget! That's awesome that I can see how someone else spends the same amount of money. I'm impressed you stayed in your budget even with the addition of the Hunters! They're definitely worth the price when living in Chicago...


  6. The idea of a shopping budget is awesome! A must do for me. Thanks for sharing, love the pieces you bought.


  7. That cuff is AMAZING! And those jeans sound like a good way to switch things up! (I'm a dark wash and skinny addict too!)

    dash dot dotty

  8. i'm also doing a shopping budget, for march, and am starting at $150 since i overdid it in february. i hope i can hang in there like you did!

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

  9. You did pretty well staying on budget, it's just the boots that were the big expenditure. Plus you'll be wearing and using them for ages ;)