Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY Vases

You know what one of the fringe benefits of having a blog is?  Sometimes when you post about things you like, your friends read said posts and buy you amazing gifts.  One of my friends brought a Darby Smart box to my birthday, and I may have freaked out a little.  I may have also been two or three Moscow Mules deep when I opened said gift.  You know, things happen.

This particular box was for some adorable Textured Vases.  It was a fun and simple project that I probably should not have completed in an unventilated room (holy spraypaint) that I could do in one day.  We have surprisingly few vases in our place, so these were just what we needed.

I love the way they turned out, and I'm excited to use them for all of my spring flowers.  I also love that I ended up with some leftover supplies from the kit so I can add some texture to some other things around my house.

Interested in trying a Darby Smart kit for yourself?  They are generously offering $10 off any kit for all KDTI readers using the code CREATE14.  The code is valid until March 18th.

Oh, and a little tip to keep small bunches of flowers together in a vase like this?  Twist ties.  Just make sure the twist tie is above the water line.

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  1. These came out so cute–kind of like milk glass vases!