Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's In My Bag: Day to Night

So somehow I deleted this post, let's try again! 

I've never been one to be that curious of what's in other people's bags, but I know other people really are.  I was so impressed by how much my new convertible clutch from Ann Taylor could hold that I just had to share.  I wore this to work last Friday with the strap attached, and then removed the strap when I headed out from work for a little date night with Jeff.  I didn't want to abandon anything at the office over the weekend, which is my usual day to night strategy, and was amazed by everything that could fit into this little baby.  So what's in my bag?

  •  The actual strap from the bag, because I knew I would want to switch it back into a shoulder bag on Saturday.
  • Cherry chap-aid.  Basically my life source.  If I do not have chapstick with me, I sort of freak out.  #addict
  • The insert from my much bigger wallet, just to hold my id, credit card, bus pass, and cash.
  • iPhone (case is Kate Spade, no longer available)
  • My watch, which I took off to aid in the day-to-night transition (also Kate Spade)
  • Sunglasses (Target)
  • Keys (keychain is also Kate Spade, do I have a problem?)
  • Headphones, so I can listen to music on the bus and pretend I can't hear strangers when they talk to me
  • Hand lotion, my other addiction (this is Sweet Pea from Bath & Body Works)
  • iPad mini, which was what really sealed the deal on this bag for me (case is from The Joy Factory)
  • And a super classy Father's Day card that I was carrying around so I wouldn't forget to bring it with me when I went out to see my dad on Sunday.  He seemed to enjoy it :)
Now that I know this baby can hold my iPad too, I plan on using it alllllllll summer long, so get ready to see a lot of it :)

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  1. I can't believe this pretty little purse can hold your iPad and all that other stuff! That was a great find!

  2. I am SO impressed with how much you got into that bag! I would have never thought it would hold so much.

  3. That bag is the cutest–I love anything with tassels!

  4. dang - I can't believe you got the iPad in there too. #impressed


  5. Love love love the bag and that IS a ton of stuff to fit in that little bag!

  6. I am loving that bag and that iphone case!!


  7. that bag is just the right size. i wish i had bought the ipad mini instead of the big clunky one, it's a bit of a bother but eh #firstworldproblems haha. cute phone case too!

    xx hersilvershoes

  8. I want that clutch!!!! It's so perfect.

  9. Whoa, that clutch must be deceptively big, to fit all that. Your family seems to have a great sense of humor :)


    Another Beautiful Thing

  10. Wow, that is like a clown car clutch. We can't believe it seriously fits all of that. Amazing!