Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Current Wishlist

So I'm having a little problem with my budget this month, as in, I've already spent it.  Well, not all of it, but pretty close.  I feel like I'm doing the same amount of shopping/buying as I did in May, except this time I haven't been returning any of it.  What can I say, every purchase just knocks it out of the park.  Soooooo, what that really means is, I have a lot of things on my wish list right now that I guess I should be good and (maybe) not buy them.

Maybe, someday, we can be together.

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  1. I am having the same issue! My credit card is not happy with me...but I love that Paris shirt! I have been eyeing it for a while now! I love this wishlist :) I'll take them all please.


  2. not to tempt you, BUT... I have those wedges and love them. They are comfy and versatile - I've worn them at work, nights out, and even to a wedding. And they are down to less than $50 with the current BR promo! I paid full price!

  3. that maxi dress is gorgeous!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. That blouse is really beautiful. =]

  5. I hate to admit it but I had spent my June budget by June 6...whoops! Now the waiting until July game to buy anything haha


  6. I want every single one of those pieces. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

  7. I love all your picks! I cannot wait to see what you've bought so far this month!

  8. Ughh I love EVERYTHING. Especially the crab sweater and shoes. :)