Monday, June 23, 2014

This Weekend...

What volunteering for DI always looks like - lots of candy and sticky notes.

So I had an interesting weekend to say the least.  On the one hand, I was off in Knoxville, volunteering for Destination Imagination again.  I had an amazing time seeing old friends, making new ones, being creative, dancing the nights away, hashtagging everything, singing Disney songs at the top of our lungs over terrible DJ's, and accidentally crashing a wedding.  On the other hand, I got downsized & found out while I was away on my trip, which was, you know, a little bit of a downer.  On the downside, I have to start looking for a new job.  On the upside, it's going to free up some more time for blogging in the interim so I'm planning on publishing posts in the afternoons as well as the morning a couple of times a week.  If there's additional content you'd like to see, feel free to let me know!

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  1. Sorry to hear about you losing your job! I hope you find a new one you like (and they like you) soon! I'm not going to complain about seeing more of you though!

  2. Sorry about your job Kristina, keep your head up something will turn up and in the meantime you can enjoy the beautiful summer weather.


  3. Yikes - I'm so sorry to hear about your job! My dad and brother have lost their jobs in the last two months as well, so I know how devastating that can be :( I really hope you can find one you love soon! I love that you volunteered for DI, though - I did that when I was a kiddo, back when it was called Odyssey of the Mind, haha.