Monday, April 13, 2015

Bachelorette Party Dresses

Hey y'all! I get to say "y'all" because I'm currently in the south, and because this post is on auto-post so past me can do whatever she wants. Since I'm juuuuust getting back from my bachelorette party in NOLA this morning, instead of my regularly scheduled weekend recap, I thought I'd share some of my picks for cute dresses to wear to your bachelorette party. Later this week I'll share what I ended up wearing as well as some other bachelorette party tidbits.

Now, just putting this out there: you don't have to wear white to your bachelorette party if you're the bride. Wear whatever color you please! My cousin wore a tee shirt and jeans to her bachelorette party, because she was the bachelorette and got to do her thing. I just so happen to love little white dresses and will take basically any excuse to wear one.
Which dress is your favorite? What did you wear on your bachelorette party, or what would you wear?

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  1. I'm actually helping my sis-in-law pick out her dresses for her bachelorette AND bridal shower. Finding something white that isn't too cutesy can be hard. I like the BCBG Selina one you chose!

  2. Never even thought about picking out a bachelorette outfit, of course I am nowhere near that stage in life but i have to say the lace one and the dress with the dotted strip are my favourites! Hope you had a great time :)

  3. My favourite is probably the lace one at the end. My bachelorette party was 50's themed, so I ended up wearing a white button down, a cardigan and a circle skirt while we were out and about.

  4. I hope your bachelorette party was so much fun! Loving that first dress. So pretty!


  5. I love the crop top one, and the very last one on the left. All white minis look so feminine and pretty.


  6. hope you had a fun bachelorette party! those dresses are adorable

  7. I hope you had a great time! Your IG pics were great! I admit I've sort of rolled my eyes at brides-to-be who wear nothing but white to the bachelorette party/shower/rehearsal dinner- but now I'm totally wanting to find white pieces for all those events! I love that white one with the colorful top, but that's the part of my body I try to deemphasize so probably not for me. Bummer!