Friday, April 24, 2015

My Sister's Baby Shower

My sister and one of her BFF's 

Last weekend I threw a baby shower for my little sister.  I had actually never thrown a shower before, nor had most of the people invited been to my house before, so I was a little nervous about all of the planning and cleaning and decorating and whatnot. Turns out, it's pretty fun! Well, not the cleaning part, I'm not a weirdo ;)

I decided to go with a rustic theme since that's what my sister originally wanted for her wedding (she ended up just having a really small wedding on the beach) and had lots of wildflowers, burlap, chalkboards, and twine.

My sister is not a fan of shower games, so instead I found this cute set on Etsy - it's little onesies for people to write advice on, and twine and mini clothes pins to hang them up with. Like my (admittedly cheesy) sign? I'm making it a free download at the end of this post!

We also had a onesie decorating station. I bought a bunch of plain white onesies in sizes from newborn-24 months on Amazon and some fabric markers, and had guests decorate them however they wanted. Everyone then hung them up with clothes pins around the room so everyone could see what had been made - they turned out so cute! Weirdly we didn't get any photos of those... (ahem, this sign is also available for download below ;)

Of course we had to have a mimosa bar too, because, you know, Pinterest. I found the big chalkboard sign and little tags at Michaels, and the carafes and beverage tub at Target. I also already had about a million mini mason jars (also from Target) and added some fun straws for people to use. Just for reference, there were 24 guests and we went through 5 bottles of champagne and 7 cartons of juice. 

(sorry, no idea where my apron is from - it was a gift from my sister!) 

For food, I may have slightly overdone it, but we had a little fruit salad bar, nutella pancake kebabs, bacon skewers, mini muffins, french toast stick shooters, mini veggie frittatas, mini cinnamon rolls, and mini donut skewers. The plates and napkins were also from Target

(I was wearing Old Navy dress and Wristology watch

I was a little worried about not having defined activities at defined times, especially because we didn't even open gifts (my sister requested that everyone bring gifts unwrapped), but it worked out surprisingly well. People saw the signs suggesting things to do, and just went for it. Also, I told my sister to get food so that other people would sit and eat too ;)

Now, do you want some free signs? Here are the links:

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  1. What a sweet shower! I just threw my Sister In Law a baby shower last weekend, and I wore that same dress! Don't you love it? I get so many compliments on it!

  2. This came out so cute, Kristina! Also I'm starving right now and I could really go for your delicious spread up there... and a mimosa doesn't sound so bad either ;-)

  3. I got so many compliments too, people couldn't believe it was Old Navy!

  4. Thanks Jenn! My fridge is currently full of juice and champagne so I keep having spontaneous mimosas ;)

  5. I love the "decorate a onesie"! Wish I had thought of that for my sister in law's shower! So cute. Meg of An Affair of Character

  6. Wow such cute decor plus great job on the set up!! Loved the carafes

  7. Wow these pictures are adorable, I love how personalized everything was. You sister is a lucky girl!

  8. How cute are those onsies?! I love the idea of lending advice for the momma-to-be.

    Bedknobs & Baubles

  9. Please teach me your hostess with the mostest abilities.


  10. Ahhhh, I'm throwing a baby shower for my sister-in-law in mid-June, and I am SOOO not a hostess at all...I may be borrowing some of these ideas, because I feel like a fish out of water, haha.