Monday, August 24, 2015

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Spent a whole lot of time just hanging and relaxing! Jeff had a weekend-long bachelor party, and instead of trying to book the weekend full of activities with my friends I decided to just chill. I got a bit done around the house and finished up a whole lot of freelancing work. I also did some reading and knocked out a few things on my Netflix queue, including the Backstreet Boys documentary (so good!) and Wish Upon a Star, which was my jam back in the day when they played it on repeat on the Disney channel.
...Went to the outlet mall to return some things, and then maybe thought, "oh I might as well look around while I'm here," and then maybe made a purchase or two. Maybe.
...Had dinner up at my parent's house, and more importantly, got to hang with my new little niece. She's 7 weeks old now - I can't believe how big she is! I mean, parents & siblings, I love you too, but come on, there's a baby.
...Went to see houses (erm, condos) with Jeff and our parents! I think we're getting close to making a decision - eeeeeee!!!
...Watched I Am Chris Farley, which was so good. It made me laugh, it made me (almost) cry, and made me want to watch Tommy Boy again. So I guess it pushed me back into the arms of Netflix.

I hope you had a good one!

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