Monday, August 10, 2015

This weekend...

This weekend I...

...Managed to go out to brunch on Saturday and Sunday (usually we talk about going and never actually leave the house haha). On Saturday we hit Fork where I got basically a whole fried chicken on top of a waffle, and on Sunday we met some friends at The Dawson and super indulged in a bacon flight. I need to motivate myself a little more on weekend mornings because both were so good!
...Chopped off all my hair! My stylist was super excited to get to do more than a trim on me. We went for a collarbone length blunt lob with a little bit of texturing. I still have a little backlog of outfit pictures to share before my short hair will show up, but you can get a little preview on Instagram. I was little nervous while she was cutting it, but absolutely love it now that it's done!
...Caught Pirate Radio on tv - I know it's a movie that most people have probably never even heard of but I will sit down and watch it whenever I see it's on. A silly boy's club plus lots of rock and roll? What's not to love?!
...Wandered around the Ravenswood/Andersonville/Lincoln Square area with Jeff because, drumroll please, we're thinking about buying a house! We're targeting that area because it will make both of our commutes really easy, and the neighborhood has been on a big upward swing the past few years. Wandering around on foot really helped us get a better feel for where we'd actually want to live. We've just been looking online so far but I'm super excited to start actually seeing places.
...Went out for pizza with Jeff, and then hit up Vice Brewery for a few beers and some board games. Why don't all bars stock board games??
...Drove out to Jeff's parents' house for dinner and opening somehow even more wedding presents ;)

I hope you had a good one!

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