Thursday, October 22, 2015

Coats & Crossbodies

Two of my favorite things to buy right now? Coats and crossbody bags. I tend to get sick of wearing coats every winter, so it's nice to have a few choices on hand to add some variety to my day-to-day. Plus, they can be such fun additions to your outfit. I also have been really into crossbody bags over the past couple of years - being hands free, especially while commuting or running around on a weekend adventure, is so convenient. They also can add a lot of personality to your outfit (like my new favorite striped bag), and it's easier to spring for a designer bag since they come with lower price tags than their larger friends. Here are a few of the coats and crossbody bags I'm currently craving:

1 - Coat, Bag / 2 - Coat, Bag / 3 - Coat, Bag / 4 - Coat, Bag /
5 Coat, Bag / 6 Coat, Bag / 7 Coat, Bag / 8 Coat, Bag

Which combo is your favorite?

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