Thursday, April 7, 2016

Three Favorites: Makeup

If you only had time to put on three makeup products before you left the house, which would you choose? For me it's definitely concealer, powder, and mascara. I'm looking to cover my undereye circles and the shine in my t-zone, and the mascara just makes me feel pretty. My mom would pick concealer and mascara but swap the powder for blush, and my sister only needs two - powder and mascara. It's funny because I don't think concealer or powder even make it on most people's top three - a lot of my friends would go for foundation or lipstick instead.

While I've been dabbling a lot with makeup lately I always end up back at my three favorite standbys. I've been using the same powder, mascara, and concealer for everyday looks for years now. I love that Maybelline's Fit Me powder actually matches my paler than pale skintone and blends nicely. While The Falsies mascara doesn't actually make it look like I'm wearing falsies it does curl my lashes nicely and add volume, and looks great on its own (unlike some of my more intense mascaras that look best when I'm wearing more makeup). And the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream is so bright it makes me look really awake, and less, as my husband lovingly puts it, like a zombie. It's easy to put on too much though - if that happens I just hold a tissue under my eye for a few seconds to soak up some of the extra so it doesn't crease.

So tell me - what are your go-to makeup choices if you could only pick three?

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