Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why I'm Not Apologizing for my Pale Legs

Dress and Bag (similar shape / similar color)- Gap / Chambray (similar) - LOFT / Sneakers (similar) - Reebok / Necklace (similar) - Girly / Watch - Wristology

There's something that drives me crazy every spring in the blogosphere and in real life, and that's girls complaining or even apologizing for how pale they are. Why would that be something to apologize for? Not to get on a high horse about skin color, but there's something so wrong and backward about women feeling they have to apologize for their skin color. If you're pale, then your legs are the color they're supposed to be, and that's beautiful. No ladies, we don't need to get spray tans (or real tans - but seriously, please don't get a real tan) to be beautiful. Your skin is gorgeous just the way it is.

Anyway, enough preaching. We had some seriously gorgeous weather this weekend, and my friend and I decided to take advantage of it by going to a Cubs game. I didn't feel like pulling out my Cubs gear (although I did buy a new hat at the stadium after losing mine in an unfortunate boating incident last summer!) so I decided to go sporty instead with this sweatshirt dress. I got a little excited this January and bought a couple of sweatshirt dresses thinking that spring would be coming soon, and was excited to finally break this one out. With a chambray shirt tied around my waist and some sneakers it was perfect for sitting out in the sun (covered in sunscreen of course!) and watching some good old fashioned baseball (errr, or really mostly gossiping and eating all of the junk food ;)

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  1. I love your pale skin!! Your legs are very milky and amazing! Don’t change a thing!