Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Finds: Nordstrom Anniversary Edition

Okay Nordstrom, you win. I swore up and down that I wasn't going to do a post on the #nsale. But then it came time to put together my finds for this week, and I realized every. single. thing. I had pinned was from Nordstrom. Le sigh. So, here you go:




What are you up to this weekend? Somehow this summer has flown by and my brother and sister-in-law are already heading back to South Korea (they came to visit for six weeks but teach in Korea during the year), so we're sending them off with a family Cubs game (and a little imbibing) on Saturday, and then since we're finally in town trying to get some stuff done around the house on Sunday. I smell a fancy new closet organizer in my future ;)

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