Monday, July 11, 2016

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Flew back from San Fran late on Friday afternoon (which, by the way, ended up being super fun! On Thursday after work I rented a car to drive around and see some of the sights, including the Golden Gate Bridge which I have somehow never seen before! After sightseeing I drove across the bridge to Sausalito to meet up with a friend for dinner on the water at Barrel House Tavern. We were sitting outside above the water and a sea lion came over to say hello!! I've never seen one before so I was a bit overly excited haha. Okay, long enough parenthesis?) and basically ran straight into the shower and then hopped on the el to meet up with a bunch of friends for a White Sox game. Every year Jeff's friend celebrates his birthday by inviting everyone he knows (seriously everyone, there were 80 people in our group) for tailgating and a game, and it was so fun. I still never have any idea what's happening in baseball, but I love going to games - the food, the beer, the sitting outside, the fireworks... I love it all! Then when we left we ended up getting stuck underground on the red line going home for about 45 minutes!! It was hilarious for about the first 20 minutes and then slowly got less and less funny - I think it took me over two hours to get home.
...Felt an urge to drop a little cash, so under the guise of returning things I ran to Loft and ended up coming home with this adorable lace-up dress - definitely wearing this for the rest of summer and into the fall!
...Met up with a bunch of friends at Gene's Sausage Shop in Lincoln Square, and holy crap, how did I not know this rooftop was in my neighborhood?! The downstairs is a grocery store, but on the roof they had a ton of picnic tables and umbrellas, plus a bar with a bunch of different kinds of sausage and other German food. The food was so good, plus it was so nice to be outside on a beautiful Chicago summer day!
...Had a movie night at home with Jeff because he's been sick all week, the poor guy somehow got pneumonia in 90 degree weather!! Don't worry guys, he's not dying - the doctor said it's "just a little bit" of pneumonia whatever that means. Unfortunately movie night did nothing to make him better because we decided to watch Sisters which was terrible. Seriously, so bad. I didn't know that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey could touch anything and not have it turn to gold.

I hope you had a good one!

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