Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I Bought a Rashguard?!

As a fair skinned gal, sun protection comes up a lot. It's actually kind of funny to me, but when I was a brunette no one ever said anything about skin protection to me, and instead joked about how I needed a tan. Now that my hair is red, other people look at me when I'm in the sun and literally shout "GET THAT GIRL IN THE SHADE!" Okay, not literally, but no joke other people are seriously concerned about my skin, and it's making me more concerned too!

I rarely get burned anymore, but because of the extra attention from other people I'm always worried that it's going to happen. It gets to the point that if we're spending all day outside I stop having fun because I'm so concerned about whether I've reapplied as much and if there's anywhere nearby I could go hide from the sun. In Lake Tahoe we spent a couple of days at the pool, and while Jeff's family was hanging out and having fun and taking a billion Snapchats of Melissa Joan Hart (who was also hanging at the pool), I was several rows back all by myself in the shade. Lame sauce.

While we were in Tahoe, I noticed that almost every woman over the age of 30 out on the beach or at the pool was wearing a rash guard! I knew that J.Crew and other stores started selling rash guards, but I hadn't previously considered them before. All the sudden they just made sense - why worry about skin damage all day when I could just wear a long-sleeved swim shirt and call it a day?! Since we're going on another family trip this weekend that will involve a lot of sun time, it was really a no-brainer for me.

I looked at the expensive versions from J.Crew, but ended up going with this swim tee from Land's End (plus a matching bikini top and bottoms!) that was less than twenty bucks!! I also found a super cute inexpensive option from Target here. Sun protection here I come!!

So tell me, do you wear a rash guard? Or would you? Am I going to look like a super nerd at the beach next week? Let me know!

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