Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday Things

Dress - Gap / Scarf - Sole Society / Sandals - Dolce Vita / Bag (similar) - Coach Factory / Earrings (similar) and Bracelet - BaubleBar

1. How cute is this leopard scarf?!? I actually bought it two years ago and have barely worn it, but that may need to change now because it is so cute. I always buy scarves but then have a hard time styling them, so I have a drawer full of scarves that barely get worn - someone help!

2. I tried the modern greek quinoa salad at Panera last week (when our work provided lunch ran out before I got there, wahhhh no free lunch for me!), and ohmygod you guys, it was so good!!! Like, so good I actually ate kale without complaining and didn't notice I wasn't eating meat. Which literally never happens for me. I'm always all, "That was pretty good but I still want some chicken." Feta and almonds and quinoa for the win!

3. It cooled down a little over the weekend and I was so excited to pull out my sweats and slippers for lounging around the house. Am I excited for fall?! AM I?????

4. I've been working out more lately and decided it was time to spring for some new workout clothes - my old stretched out 5k tees weren't cutting it! How adorable are these mesh inset leggings?! And the back of this top, ohmygee, dyyyying. I'm guessing it won't be super supportive but will definitely work for walks around the neighborhood!

5. I'm heading to a weeklong tradeshow for work at the beginning of October where I'll either be standing or running around for 12+ hours a day, and I'm so freaking scared for my feet that I'm considering buying these shoes even though they are so gosh darn ugly. Could I wear them with wide leg dress pants and no one would notice the ugliness on my feet?? Help!

6. I tried to change a lightbulb in our house with one of those lightbulb changing sticks last week. Ten minutes later, I had the lightbulb stick stuck in the ceiling with the can from behind the lightbulb hanging completely out of the ceiling. Oh, and the old lightbulb was STILL IN THERE. We decided that Jeff should be in charge of changing lightbulbs from now on....

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