Monday, September 12, 2016

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Took Jeff out for sushi at Fin, which has the most adorable little outdoor patio area - chandeliers hanging from trees for the win! Some of their sushi was a little too weird for me though, I don't really need honey or plantains in my rolls. But, you know, it was BYOB so I think I can forgive them ;)
...Went out to my aunt and uncle's house in the suburbs to celebrate my cousin's engagement. We drank a lot of bubbly plus I got to see my niece take some of her first steps and somehow managed to get a video of it (as you may have seen on Snapchat - @kristinadoes), which all-in-all add up to a pretty good afternoon.
...Watched a whole lot of football with our friends and did a whole lot of couple's fantasy league trash talking, despite the fact that my team is not doing great so far - maybe that's why you shouldn't pick players based on how handsome they are!
...Did a little bit of shopping and somehow didn't buy anything. I am seriously considering this sweater cape though. It's more than I'd like to spend, but the plaid is perfection and I can see wearing it all fall and winter long.
...Felt the tiniest of chills in the air and decided to make this White Bean & Bacon Soup and ohhhhhh my god it is so good! The recipe calls for topping it with brown butter but we have a ton of truffle oil sitting around (because that's totally normal right?) so we went with that instead, and then I had to lay down for the rest of the night to recover haha.

I hope you had a good one!

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