Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Little Vino in Napa

Sweater - LOFT / Tee (similar) - Target / Denim - Madewell / Boots - TOMS / Bag - Sole Society / Bracelet - Michael Kors / Necklace - Stella & Dot

Like I mentioned yesterday, we got back from Napa on Sunday night and I loved it. Besides a little mishap with some of our wine getting back (The airport lost it! But luckily it arrived on our doorstep last night) the trip was absolutely perfect. The weather was beautiful, the wine was flowing, and I think I started a life-long love affair with the Napa Valley. I was there Tuesday through Thursday for work, and then Jeff flew up Thursday night to meet me, which let me tell you, was the best decision ever. The weekend was really fun and relaxing, and I actually came back feeling recharged.

I was a little unsure about what to pack for Napa in the fall, especially since my boss told us to pack for "hot, cold, sun, and rain." The temperature fluctuated between the low fifties at night to the mid seventies during the day, so I went with the big cardigan or flannel around the waist approach every day. It actually worked really well since I was able to move from hot to cold throughout the day. For dinners I pulled out my favorite lace-up heels and felt perfectly appropriate everywhere we went.

These pictures were taken at Bennett Lane up in Caslistoga, which for some reason I kept calling Castilooga the whole trip haha. I never would have expected to join a wine club (doesn't it sound like something for real grown-ups?!), but we loved everything we tasted so we had to sign up. Don't worry though, we didn't go too crazy. We're really just getting one bottle of wine per month - they called it their date night package ;) I can't complain about having one nice bottle of wine with the hubs every month!

I'm not going to bore you with a huge list of all of the places we ate and stayed and went, but I do have two musts for you if you're planning a trip:

  1. You must sign up for a Platypus Tour if you've never been to Napa before. We were a little unsure of how to plan an itinerary and get around, and the tour was great - they picked us up from our hotel, drove us to small, family-owned wineries all over Napa Valley, and packed up our wine and dropped it at the hotel for us at the end of the day. Our group was really fun plus our guide was hilarious, so it really felt like we were touring the countryside with a bunch of friends. I would definitely definitely recommend signing up!
  2. You must stop by the Carneros Inn. We stayed there for two nights and it was amazing and beautiful and maybe my favorite place in the world. Instead of rooms, you rent the cutest little cabins that each have a private deck, fireplaces, and my personal favorite, outdoor showers. The pool was also freaking amazing, with a seriously stunning view of the countryside. It was pretty pricy though (we chose it out of desperation because just about every hotel was sold out for the weekend!) so if it's not in your budget, be sure to at least stop by for breakfast or lunch at the Boon Fly Cafe - you have to try the donuts!! Carneros is at the southern end of Napa, so it's a great place to stop during your drive into town. 
So I have to tell you about the funniest part of our trip - we basically lined up itineraries with another couple. We visited the same winery our first afternoon before meeting them at our hotel in the hot tub, where we discovered we were hitting the same restaurant that night and then scheduled to go on an all-day wine tour together the next day! Then our itineraries should have split, but we somehow wound up at the same restaurants again for dinner and then next day for breakfast. So weird! I'm not sure who was stalking who, but I was surprised not to run into them then at the rental car drop-off ;) I can only assume we'll be visiting Napa together in the future hahaha.

So now we're back with no more trips planned in the near future. I'm thinking we should try to do something for my birthday though - I'm turning 30 in February, so it's go big or go home right?! Have you gone on any fun trips lately? Where should I go??

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