Monday, November 14, 2016

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Had a last-minute date night with Jeff at Gather. I say "last-minute" because we weren't planning on going out, and that is definitely a reservations-required kind of restaurant. They were kind enough to squeeze us in at the bar though and feed us all of the wine and cheese, so it's definitely a win. Oh, and another definite win was their street-food style Okonomiyaki, which is basically a Korean pancake covered in awesomeness and basically the best thing ever.
...Drove up to my sister's house in my hometown to babysit her little nugget. We mostly chased my niece in a circle for a two hours and then put her to bed, where she passed out immediately. Babysitter champs. We were planning on ordering in dinner, but my sister and her hubs didn't stay out very late so we didn't get a chance. We decided to go to the neighborhood restaurant before driving an hour home, and were joking in the parking lot about who we might run into at dinner. Well, the joke was on us, because we ran into my grandma, aunts, uncle, and cousin! It's not like I even grew up in a small town, it's actually a pretty big city! Not quite as weird as the time I ran into my whole family on an island in the Bahamas though...
...Noticed the pillows I've been wanting for seriously a year now were on sale and decided to pull the trigger. They perfectly pull together all of our rugs and our artwork, so I definitely needed them, amiright? Oh, I also bought just about everything at Sephora because of the VIB sale (which ends tonight! Check out my picks here).
...Did a lot of accomplishing things, like a grown-up might do. We had some work done on our windows because they were leaking (yay, homeownership!) and now need to do a bit of paining, so we went out and bought all of the supplies for that. I mean, we didn't manage to paint or anything, but I'm still proud of us. This week we also had to buy a surprise ladder that we needed in the middle of the night to change the batteries on a wired-in smoke detector that wouldn't stop beeping. Surprise ladders are totally the best. At least now we own a ladder?
...We also PUT UP OUR CHRISTMAS TREE. Okay, no judging please! We've been a little sad this week and needed something to brighten our day, plus we're hosting a Christmas party right after Thanksgiving, so really we needed to get it up. DIDN'T I SAY NOT TO JUDGE US?!
...Celebrated Friendsgiving! I don't actually like much Thanksgiving food (like yams?! who eats yams?!??!) but I'm always a fan of Friendsgiving, because, well, gravy ;) This year we tried this brussels sprouts recipe, and omg you guys, it was so good. We ended up halving the balsamic, doubling the chicken stock, and adding a little brown sugar like the comments suggested.

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