Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Gift Guide for the Couch Potato

You guys, is it really time for gift guides already?! I actually bought my first gift of the year this week (!!!) so yeah, I guess it is! I've shied away from doing a ton of gift guides in the past because there are so many out there, but they're actually some of my favorite things to read so this year I decided to go for it! If I'm properly motivated, you can expect a gift guide for a different important person in your life every Wednesday through Christmas. So, let's start with the very most important person: the couch potato.

We all have that person in our life who loves staying in and getting cozy - okay, you got me, that person is actually me haha. Give me some comfy slippers, a candle, and a Netflix subscription and I am a happy camper. Lately I've been binging old episodes of Gilmore Girls - is anyone else so excited for the new episodes?! I know what I'll be doing the weekend after Thanksgiving ;)

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