Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Are You There Spring?

It's me, Kristina.

Shirt (this one is an almost identical cut, I bought it the other day because stripes!) - LOFT Factory / Sweater - LOFT / Denim (almost identical) - Madewell / Loafers - Michael Kors (a gift from my sweet mama!) / Bag - Sole Society / Earrings - BaubleBar / Watch - Wristology

No seriously though, the weather over the weekend was freaking amazing in Chicago. It hit 60 degrees on Saturday!! Here in Chicago, 60 degrees means you should open up all of the windows, get outside, and possibly even go for a swim. I mean, I didn't jump in Lake Michigan, but I'm sure there were some brave souls down at the lake. I did, however, take the chance to have bare ankles! My brain knows that it's the middle of January and we have at least two solid months of winter left, but walking around on Saturday seriously felt like that first beautiful day of spring.

We celebrated by going for a walk through Lincoln Park and impulse purchasing those pineapple glasses I've wanted for years (and about eighteen pounds of David's Tea - so good!), and then grabbing lunch and drinks at Summer House Santa Monica, where it really feels like summer inside. There are giant skylights so the restaurant is really light and bright inside, and the decor makes you feel like you're out for a day at the beach. Since we were celebrating the warm weather, it obviously turned into a boozy lunch - it's hard to say no to their cocktails. You may have seen on Snapchat that I had one that was topped with pink strawberry foam - yum!! Definitely the right way to enjoy a beautiful day.

It was actually really handy getting a reminder of what 60 degrees feels like, because yesterday I flew out to San Francisco for the week for work. Getting to go to California in the winter for free is definitely something I'd never say no to! We have a lot of plans for the week besides working, including a hockey game with the team on Thursday night - should be super fun! I scheduled out posts for the rest of the week while I'm here, so never fear, your need for the Internets will be satisfied.

Shirt (this one is an almost identical cut, I bought it the other day because stripes!) - LOFT Factory / Sweater - LOFT / Denim (almost identical) - Madewell / Loafers - Michael Kors (a gift from my sweet mama!) / Bag - Sole Society / Earrings - BaubleBar / Watch - Wristology

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