Monday, January 30, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Flew back from my week in Cali, which was full of work but also lots of fun restaurants, drinks, and a hockey game with my team! I always wonder why I'm so exhausted after these work trips, but really it's because I go from the gym straight to work straight to drinks straight to dinner straight to more drinks without a break or much sleep. I recouped on Friday with a 6pm dinner with Jeff at Artango (all of the Argentinian steak please!) and falling asleep to a movie by 9. Am I an old person??
...Thought I ordered this super cute dress for Valentine's Day, only to discover I made it to the checkout page without checking out, and now it's sold out in my size. Nooooooo!!! If you're a small or x-small it's still available though, and I will be very jealous of you. I may go for this cold shoulder dress instead because the sleeves are so freaking cute, but I'm most likely going to be too cold and have to wear a sweater, defeating the purpose of the dress. Le sigh.
...Drove out to the burbs for my training for Destination Imagination, the organization I volunteer with every year. Which really was an excuse to gossip with my little sister and eat a lot of snacks. I managed to become addicted to pamplemouse La Croix last week in San Francisco so I may have also consumed what some might consider an extreme number of those in a two hour period.
...Decided we didn't want to really do anything on Saturday night, and spent several hours hanging out with Jeff in the dive bar across the street, where they had Titanic playing on one of the tvs and '80s pop on the jukebox - it was basically my best bar scenario ever.
...Got excited about all of the sales at LOFT right now (40% off regular priced items and extra 60% off sale!) and ordered a bunch of stuff, including this adorable striped sweater that has a lace-up back. Fingers crossed it fits!!
...Saved the best for last, and hosted a Royal Rumble wrestling birthday party for a friend on Sunday night. LOL! All of my friends love wrestling, which is still so weird to me, so they were all super into it. I was super into the guac and tacos, so I think it worked out ;) We made these blood orange margs (ahem, I didn't want to juice any blood oranges myself so they were just regular orange margs) and they were so good. Jeff and I made them previously for an at-home date night and I freaking love them, which is weird because I don't even like tequilla! Really, the girl behind that blog just really knows what she's doing, she's definitely my favorite food blogger!!

I hope you had a good one!

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