Monday, July 24, 2017

#nsale Picks for the Guys

Happy Monday! Or, at least it's a happy Monday for me, since we're still out in Napa!! Instead of what I've been up to, here are a few picks for the guys from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I've never shopped for Jeff in the #nsale before, and I don't know why. He wears designer jeans and fancy shoes, and all of his sweatshirts are Northfaces or Patagonias. His wardrobe is more expensive than mine! That's partially because he refuses to shop and will wear whatever Trunk Club sends him, and partially because he refuses to shop so whenever he buys something it had better be a quality item that he can wear for years. I grabbed his favorite jeans to look them up, and discovered they're currently $60 off during the sale! I also snagged him another pair of chukka boots since they're his current favorite, and a Patagonia Better Sweater because they're such a steal right now.

Some other favorites? This Patagonia vest. Funny story, my company gave these out (with little company logos of course) to my department this winter, and the guys went nuts over them. They still trove the office looking for extras and keep trying to bribe me for them, thinking, for some reason, that I know where the secret stash is. I keep offering them mine (because what use do I have for a branded, manly vest?) but it's actually a women's size and is cut a little closer than they would like ;) Besides the vest, I'm also loving all the classic basics for guys that are available at great prices, like polos, gingham shirts, and oxfords.

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