Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Oh hey there! I've been seriously (err, at least seriously trying to) step up my Instagram game lately, and have been using to link a lot of the stuff in my posts. Now, personally, I don't like using, but I started using it because I know that people want direct links to products versus just knowing the store something came from. If you haven't used the app before, simply download the app and then either screenshot photos marked with the tag or 'like' them to get the details. Or, if you'd prefer not to download the app, just visit the new Shop tab in my header to shop all of my Instagrams at once.

But, for those of you who don't want to bother with at all, here are some direct links to what I've been sharing on Instagram lately! I usually share outfits earlier via Instagram than I do here, so some of these are a sneak peak of what'll be coming to Kristina does the Internets in the next week or so:

I wore this dress to the Cubs game we went to on Sunday, and you guys, it is so fun. It's supposed to have a belt, and that's how I wore it the last time, but I decided it's officially better as a shift dress and cut off the belt loops. 

Dress (a rental for just $30!)

On Friday we drove down to Champaign for Jeff's cousin's wedding, and look! Look! I actually managed to get a photo with Jeff! Haha it really is a wedding struggle for me, we always are all dressed up and I say we're going to get a picture, and then I completely forget and suddenly it's dance floor time. Oh and this dress? Perfect for a wedding!! It's fun, it's somehow sexy while still being really covered up, and the shape is super flattering. Definitely my favorite rental every! 

A little pre-dinner date snap outside of Tuco & Blondie before we filled ourselves with all of the tacos and many margaritas. Really, I ordered a combo fajita plate and Jeff ordered something that included one of each taco on their menu, so it really was all of the tacos. If you go, be sure to get the passion fruit margarita - so good! 

While we were down in Champaign, we had to stop by Pandamonium Donuts! My friends started the business after graduating from U of I, and have since gone from a few batches of donuts made out of their home kitchen to a food truck and now a storefront! I'm such a proud momma over here ;) 

We hosted a little Fourth of July party at our place last Tuesday, and it was so fun!! We used to host big parties back in the day (before we got married and our parents kept wanting to take trips for the Fourth) and when I went to find our decorations, all I could find was this giant American flag that we once used for a photobooth! I guess everything else got thrown out when we moved. Well, anyway, if you're looking to host a Fourth of July party, really, all you need is a giant American flag. Hang it up and you are done! 

A snap from the parade party my parents hosted - the parade in my hometown goes right in front of their house! I haven't been in years and it was so fun to be back. Also, this exact top sold out a while ago, but I found this almost identical tee that's currently on sale for just $13!!

Tank / Skirt / Jacket / Flats

Just a quick snap on my way to work!

We had a chilly weekend a couple of weeks ago, and I had to pull out this sweater for a wander through Wicker Park. The sweater is somehow warm but light, definitely perfect for summer! 

Suitcase (currently on sale!) / Sneakers / Similar Tote

I've been traveling a lot (for me at least!) lately, and you guys, I've got this thing down to a science. This suitcase is all over bloggerland, but for good reason! It's so cute, it's really easy to pull around (which is kind of silly, but it's so much better than any other suitcase I've owned!) and the zippered compartments inside help keep me really organized while packing. I always get questions about keeping the white clean. It's a hard-shell suitcase, so if I end up having to gate check and it gets a mark, I just wipe it off with a magic eraser and it's good as new again! I got the 21 inch size, which fits perfectly as a carry-on for domestic flights. 

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