Monday, July 10, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...drove down to Champaign (where I went to school!) for Jeff's cousin's wedding! We met up with Jeff's grandma to see her new digs and took her out to lunch, and then went into full wedding mode. The ceremony and reception were at the i-Hotel which is just off campus and was so fun. I even saw a sneak peak of some of their wedding photos that they took on the football field! We had a great time hanging out with family and, of course, hitting the dance floor. I rented two different dresses, but ended up going with this one partially because my neighbors didn't try to hide that package from me, and mostly because it's the cutest!
...went out for date night with Jeff after taking a three (!!!) hour nap to Tuco & Blondie for many margaritas and all of the tacos. No really, Jeff ordered something off of the menu that included all. of. the. tacos. If you go though, be sure to get the passion fruit margarita - definitely the best one!! \
...tried to do a little shopping, but couldn't find enough to get free shipping to bring this tasseled romper home - how freaking cute though?! Maybe I'll just order a million pairs of dress pants to make it worth my while.
...had family night (err, afternoon?) at the Cubs game on Sunday to watch the Cubs get absolutely crushed. But, you know, it gave us lots of time to catch up and gossip, so a long, painful game is never much of a problem for me!
...forced Jeff to go out to dinner with me to Glenn's Diner, which has seriously some of the best local fish in Chicago. I had the walleye and it was definitely one of the best walleyes I've ever had. If you aren't from the Midwest, I promise that walleye is delicious and not as weird as the name sounds ;)

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