Monday, July 3, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...started off our three birthday parties for our friend Eddie and literally 95 of his friends and family members at a White Sox game. I have absolutely no idea what happened during the game, but had so much fun tailgaiting, eating hot dogs and all that other delicious ballpark food, and chanting for Eddie that I don't think it really matters.
...headed out to birthday party number 2 on Saturday morning for our friend's baby Henry, who made eyes at me all through dinner the week before. Turns out he has a couple of girlfriends to flirt with so I got a little jealous at the party ;)
...had a fun daytime hang with some of our friends at Gene's Sausage Shop, which has one of the best rooftops in our area. They literally only serve German sausages, German sides, and German beer (although this summer they've added a little bit of wine and sangria) and have a huge space on their roof full of picnic tables - perfect for setting up shop for a couple of hours! We headed to The Fountainhead afterwards which also has an awesome rooftop (and great food!), but had to wait so long for a table on the roof that we were basically ready to go home once we got seated. Note to self: next time, go early!
...headed out to the suburbs to celebrate my niece Mae turning two!! Her birthday this year was on the same day as the town Fourth of July parade that goes past my parents' house so we added parade watching to our to-do list. I haven't been to my parents' for a parade party in years so it was really fun and nostalgic to be back. When we were little, the Fourth of July party was the one big party my parents threw every year and they would invite everyone. It was fun to be able to finally share that with Jeff, and reminisce about the time my brother and I tried to drink out of one of the kegs as little kids (don't worry, we couldn't figure out how) or all of the times my aunts managed to make their way into the parade after a couple of cocktails. This year we made a new fun memory when a guy handing out popsicles got stressed by how many people were at our house and dumped about a hundred into my lap, which we then passed out to other people in the parade including a huge group of guys on dancing horses. Yes, that's apparently a thing.

I hope you had a good weekend and are enjoying the holiday! I'm planning on posting tomorrow but have a bit of a crazy week including our party tomorrow afternoon and a wedding on Friday, so will probably keep things pretty quiet around here the rest of the week.

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